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Music video | This Gift Is A Curse

This Gift Is A Curse


"XI: For i am the fire"
as performed by THIS GIFT IS A CURSE.

Taken from the album "All Hail The Swinelord". Released on October 16th, 2015. Order here:

Written and Directed by Ivan K. Maras
Production Assistance by Mel Bühnen and Sara Biscaldi
Set Assistance by Christoph Glasneck
Body Painting by Peter Tronser
Additional Make-Up by Mel Bühnen
Tree portrayed by Sinah Du Toit
"The VII" portrayed by Moritz Redlin, Christoph Glasneck, Sara Biscaldi, Lucas Wegner, Patrick Schmidt, Uygar Genc and Horst Heimich
Special Thanks to Paul the Goatlord and Ingo Verhees