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About Ivan K. Maras
Born in Rijeka, Croatia
Currently residing near Cologne, Germany

Ivan K. Maras is a photographer, director of photography and lecturer based in Germany.
Specialised in outdoor and nature photography, he tells compelling visual stories of human nature and the wild outdoors.
His goal is to connect his audience globally to the beauty and importance of the protection of our planet and the possibilities of human interaction.
Ivan’s work is defined by the love he shares for this world and its creatures. A grand sensibility for his surroundings fed by what lies in the past and still might come is the key element to his creativity.

Currently he is teaching film and photography at the Deutsche POP Academy in cooperation with the University of West London and is writing his first full-length feature film.

Read more about Ivan’s story as published online at Rucksack Magazine.

Other selected publications include Pictures Magazine, MeinRheinland and Mediterranean Citizens Story.

For booking and licensing enquiries please email at or complete the form in the contact section.

Ivan’s professional services include:

  • film production

  • photo production

  • consulting

  • conception

  • directing and directing of photography for feature films, short films, commercials, music videos, portrait and image films

  • post-production

  • mentoring, teaching photography and film production, workshops

Everything remembered is dear, touching, precious…at least the past is safe, though we didn’t know it at the time. We know it now, because we have survived.
— Susan Sontag, Partisan Review Winter 1967