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About Me

Audio-visual storyteller / film maker / photographer currently based in Cologne, Germany, working worldwide.

As far as I can think back and the people nearest to me stated, I was always of an openly passionate and spirited character on the surface, yet silent, sensible and highly empathetic for my surroundings on the inside. Already as a child I tended to be wandering in thoughts, always focused on visuals occurring around me. Smells, sounds, and the way light hits objects and landscapes, as well as how elements like water and wind affect the things, were always fascinating to me and made me wander in daydreams. The nature of things and how humans think and act are my daily inspirations.

Dealing permanently with my inner self in connection with my environment, helped me understand in a very early point in life that true happiness and beauty lie within nature and your very self. To seek and capture those aspects of our world is the main feature of my work.

With the ability to easily empathize with people and a highly skilled approach to all challenges that come with human interaction within art, as well as an extensive education in arts and media, my professional experience is proof that I can not only meet but exceed your expectations by creating something beautiful for you and others.

Feel free to contact me for any project you have in mind.
I am happy to engage with you and offer my professional service according to your wishes.

Everything remembered is dear, touching, precious…at least the past is safe, though we didn’t know it at the time. We know it now, because we have survived.
— Susan Sontag, Partisan Review Winter 1967